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Our Dance Classes

Creative class (age 2.5 to 3)


We adopt a themed based approach to help to develop the children’s imagination during the class. Our young tots will be introduced to a  specialised Pre-School Dance Curriculum offered by the RAD and they will be brought through to different adventures in each lesson with the following learning outcomes in mind - (i) to move with control, coordination and confidence, (ii) to move with an awareness of their body and how it moves through space, (iii) demonstrate a developing sensitivity to music through movement, and (iv) expression of  feelings and emotions through movement. 

Kids & Adults Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD for short) is one of the world’s most influential dance education and professional membership organisations. Founded in 1920, they set global standards for exams in classical ballet, teacher training and continuing professional development for dance. They are also the longest-standing and most recognized examination board in Singapore.

Kids & Adults Hip Hop


Hip hop is a culture that allows people to have the freedom to express, learn, be present and evolve! Generally, hip hop dance consist of various style such as popping, locking, house, bboy etc. It mainly focuses on the groove, bounce and rhythm in one's body as the foundation.

Kids & Adults Salsa


Salsa dancing is suitable for anyone regardless of age, or level of ability. It is a unique form of exercise because it provides the heart-healthy benefits of an aerobic exercise while also allowing you to engage in a social activity.

Kids & Adults K-Pop X


K-pop dance is an imitation to k-pop artist's dance choreography in which it allows oneself to immerse themselves dancing to popular k-pop song. Dancing along to the energetic music will enable the dancers to engage in skills like performance quality and in search of individual characteristic. This genre will also enhance one's coordination, dynamic and musicality.